Expert Virtual Assistant Services

Things don't always go according to schedule. Problems arise when you least expect (or need) them. Crucial VA offers expert virtual assistant services to help take the pressure off. So, that unexpected task needn't look so daunting after all.

Recruitment Services
Recruitment Services

Event Management

Assistance with organising the perfect event

Hosting an event can be rather stressful. There’s so much that goes into planning an event and making it a success. Depending on the outcome, it has the potential to make or break a business venture / product launch. All your hard work that went into researching, perfecting etc. could all rest on the success and execution of how you present it to the world.

Let my background in Music and Entertainment Industry Management assist you in making sure your events leave the right impression with your special guests. From sending out invitations, to sourcing the perfect venue, to dealing directly with suppliers, I can handle the worrisome tasks so that you don’t have to.

Corporate Travel

Admin Support

Assistance with your admin tasks

One of the things that my clients appreciate the most is getting their time back. Burning the midnight oil becomes a thing of the past. They recognise that my hourly rate is lower than their own rate. So, it’s a win-win scenario; they get their mundane tasks taken care of at a fraction of the price. The best part? Well, the only thing they need to do when they get into bed…is sleep!

Corporate Travel

Client Support

Reliable support for your clients

I understand how much your clients mean to you and your business. I also understand your desire to provide a certain standard of service right across the board. As an entrepreneur, how do you provide the same standard of care and attention to all of your clients simultaneously whilst still focussing on the product(s) or service(s) you offer? That’s where I come in!

Outsource your client support and let Crucial VA provide the highest level of support to your clients all the time, every time. I can interact with your clients via phone, email, social media platforms and online chat, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to provide a ‘5-star’ service.

Diary Management

Diary Management

Your schedule taken care of

Have you ever had that uneasy feeling at the back of your mind, wondering if you’ve forgotten about a pre-arranged meeting? Or worse, realised that you missed it? Have you ever double-booked yourself and had to apologise to a client for the inconvenience caused?

How would waking up in the morning feel knowing that your day, and your week ahead, had already been planned out? The Diary Management service takes care of your entire schedule so that all you have to do is turn up.

I can also manage your passport renewal and visa applications from start to finish.

Freelance assistant

Proofreading and Copy Editing

When nothing but the highest standard of content will do

Putting together a document can be very time-consuming. But whether you’re working on a proposal, a website, a report, or something else, I understand that getting everything from your head on to paper is only the half of it. The proofreading and editing can sometimes take longer than anything else.

Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, inaccurate references, etc. can slip through the net and bring down the quality of the document you worked so hard on. They can make you and your brand look unprofessional to anyone reading it.

As a College of Media and Publishing certified proofreader and copy editor, I can take this tedious task off your hands and ensure that your documents are presented professionally on any platform.

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