4 Easy Steps To Onboarding

4 Easy Steps To Onboarding You know that feeling when you sign a new client or gain a new membership? It’s great, isn’t it? The endorphins are flowing because you’ve “done it again!”. This is what you got into business for, and each new client/membership is further confirmation that it’s working!  …So, what happens next?  I was talking to a…

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Automate And Elevate

Automate And Elevate As entrepreneurs and small business owners, it can be quite a task trying to get everything done by ourselves. We wear all the hats. We’re the marketing department, customer service, sales support…and don’t get me started on IT! It’s not easy doing what we do! But, there’s this little thing called automation that, if used to our…

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Crippled By Your Computer

Crippled By Your Computer? A dear friend of mine recently suffered some crippling neck and back pain that literally had him out of action for the better part of a week! He couldn’t leave the house for fear of causing any further damage as he was so fragile during this time. Laying down was the worst, so he was having trouble sleeping…

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4 Must-Have Productivity Tools For Working From Home

4 Must-Have Productivity Tools For Working From Home The pandemic changed things for everyone around the globe. For many of us, it changed the way we work and working from home became the new norm. It took some getting used to. But, if you’re anything like me, you probably prefer your new work environment. Sure, there are pros and cons to this new way…

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The Reviews You Can’t See

The Reviews You Can’t See A new client of mine, having just finished their onboarding, sent me an email yesterday containing just 8 words: “Shani, I love your process. It’s straight forward.” As short as the email was, for me, it packed a punch because I take great pride in my customer experience. But, it got me thinking about the unspoken…

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Profits Before Good Processes?

Profits Before Good Processes? A client of mine has recently introduced memberships to his business. Great move! Depending on the industry you’re in, memberships are a great way to create an additional, steady flow of income on a larger scale for your business. But, it has to be done correctly. Having the right processes in place will contribute towards the regular stream…

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What’s In Your Office Emergency Kit?

What’s In Your Office Emergency Kit? In life and in business, things go wrong sometimes! But, rather than waiting for things to happen and then screaming at the top of your lungs when they do, prepare for them and make circumventing them less stressful. It’s damage control! Every successful business has a contingency plan. If you don’t have one yet, you need…

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Business Brilliance Or Burnout?

Business Brilliance Or Burnout? When I first start working with clients, I often notice that some of them have reached, or are about to reach, the point of burnout. They’ve been trying to manage every aspect of their business themselves and have finally come to the realisation that they’d be better off bringing someone in to help ease the heavy load.…

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5 Ways To Make Your Business Look More Professional

5 Ways To Make Your Business Look More Professional When you work for someone, your employer provides you with a computer, a phone, an email address and business cards. The company has a logo, a website and procedures established for how to get the work done. But, when you work for yourself, you start with none of that. It’s up…

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Does Your Website Need A Refresh?

Does Your Website Need A Refresh? Recently, I worked on a website for one of my favourite clients. The last time she updated it was about five years ago, when small businesses and entrepreneurs were just turning towards having “responsive” websites. You may not have needed one back then, but these days it’s a necessity. If you’re not sure what…

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