How many times have you said to yourself (or anyone who would listen), “I need an assistant!”? Well, now you can actually have one…a virtual one!

Hi! I'm Shani, founder and your Crucial VA virtual assistant. My passion lies in helping people and businesses realise their full potential. I start with the foundation; getting to know you and your business. After all, every empire needs a strong foundation. I focus on understanding what it is that may be weighing you down or holding you back and provide the solutions to eliminate those issues.

Recruitment Services

Why choose me as your virtual assistant?

With 20 years’ administrative experience and a BSc degree in Music and Entertainment Industry Management, I have the knowledge and expertise to take care of you and your business, giving you room to focus on the reason you do this in the first place.

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with executives from a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, media and medical, with the sole purpose of assisting in making their day-to-day objectives more manageable and achievable. There are many “moving parts” to their operations, and it has been my job over the years to bring everything together and make it all feel like one big, well-oiled piece of machinery.

My specialty areas are in the Entertainment, Music and Corporate Travel sectors.

As a business owner myself, I understand how frustrating mundane tasks can be. They can get in the way, but someone has to do it.

But it doesn’t have to be you. With my years of experience, I can help make your life easier.

Here are eight in-depth reasons why I should be your virtual assistant:

Music and Entertainment Industry background

With a bachelor’s degree in Music and Entertainment Industry Management, I have a solid understanding of the music industry and can assist you with industry-related tasks. Whether you’re a musician, music manager, publisher, or anything in between, I know it can be difficult trying to unleash your full creativity when there are speed bumps such as admin and other mundane tasks slowing you down.

Let’s work together to relieve the unwanted stress and stimulate your creativity further.

Extensive corporate travel experience

With a seven-year-strong Corporate travel background, I cover all things travel! That includes accommodation, flights, trains, car rentals, chauffeurs, ferries, helicopters, you name it!

In the dazzling world of travel, there are often many ways to get from A to B. But in some circumstances, there may only be one way! Whatever the scenario, you can rest assured that I have the knowledge and the know-how to get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Leave the late nights to us!

Getting ready to leave the office, only to stumble on a last-minute project? No problem! Depending on your requirements, I can actively work up until 10pm during the week. So, if that last-minute task needs to be completed by the morning, for example, I can attend to it for you. Say goodbye to late nights in the office and hello to more time with family and friends.

No nasty budget surprises

I accurately track my time and advise you if/when you’re nearing your retainer limit, based on your monthly usage, to avoid any nasty budget surprises.

Similarly, if you are using less hours, not only will any left-over hours rollover to the following month*, but I’ll also advise you to consider moving to a smaller package to better suit your requirements.

Certified proofreader and copy editor

I’m a qualified proofreader and editor, certified by the College of Media and Publishing. Any documents that you have worked hard to put together (reports, articles, books etc.), hand them over to me and I’ll vet them for spelling and grammatical errors, typos, accurate referencing, page numbers etc. You know; all the fiddly, yet important bits.

Money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the work carried out and I’m not able to rectify the issue, then I will refund 100% of the money paid for the work. All I ask is that you do give me the opportunity to fix it for you (at my own cost).

Free task

For every 20 hours spent in a calendar month, I’ll complete a 15-minute task for you, on the house!


Giving back

I donate a percentage of my profits to an organisation close to my heart – MENTIVITY. By working with me, you’ll be giving back too.

*One month rollover maximum

*Not applicable to Taster Package